So what do you do if the domain name you want for your new web development project is already taken?

Currently there is over 1.9 billion different websites around the world. This also means that even more domain names are registerd. It’s most likely that the domain name you choose has already been registered by someone else. This often results with you needing to totally rethink your new company branding. Different domain name and hosting providers can also actually automatically make suggestions for when a domain your searching for is taken.
You might just be able to solve this problem also by following some of our helpful tips.

Domain Name Taken? Try These 7 Clever Solutions Instead


1. You can add a verb.

Adding a verb is very common when people come up against domain names that have already been taken and its a really quick and easy fix. Its often also a very practical solution. Using verbs in your URL will allow you to use the name of your brand within your actual website address. Its an easy adjustment. If your internet name is a common and generic the best solution is to just add a verb and go with that. Keep in mind that shorter URLs might have an effect on where your site could be placed in search engines.

2. You can think about extending and expanding your brand.

Back in 2015 the well known car brand Telsa Motor was not able to register or own the name because it was actually already taken by other registrant. There is not much you can really do when a site name you really want has already been taken. It does not matter how big of a company you might own or how wealthy your business might be you don’t have much legal ground to fight for that domain name. So this is where a new brand name was thought of and it was decided to go ahead and register If you think outside the box you will find that you can always just extend your brand name.

3. Think about what country you live in

Just because someone else has already gone a head and registered the name you really had you heart set on does not mean you can’t make your URL country specific.
You always have the option to register a country TLD. With over 200 different extentions you can register you just might find the country you live in has it’s own extention.
You can also put a shortened version of the country you actually live in into your chosen name.

4. Try something different or go for a catchy memorable name.

Many people often tend to remember different types of catchphrases, especially if they are advertised in a smart way. A good catchphrase is normally quite easy to remember. This is what often makes them perfect for a website name. If you have a brand name that you don’t want to change. Just trying adding a catchphrase to it.

5. You can add a hyphen in your name.

Adding a hypen to your name can mean that you don’t need to change the branding of your internet name at all. However, for some people these can look cheap and slightly compromising but it really does depend on the product you might be advertising. If you cannot seem to come up with any ther name or try rebranding using a hypen is a still a good option.

6. Offer to buy the name.

Often names that have been registered are not actually being used. You might just be able to track down the owner of the name that you wish to register and make an offer. Be prepaired though because often people will sit and squat on a name in order to get the highest offer and this can run into the ten of thousands of dollars.

7. Choose a different name extention.

There is currently over 200 different with .com being the most popular and widley used domain name. With 200 different domain name extentions to choose from you still have a quite a few options if you decided to go this route. Not every domain registrar offers the full suite of extentions so you might need to do some homework in order to find a company that can offer all the options. One registrar in Australia that we found  who offers all 200+ extentions is Domain Registration DNS. With cheap domain options and this many extentions to choose from you could also find a name that is industry specific. For example if you are operating an educational platform you can register with the extention .school. Or maybe your brand is 100% online so you could choose the .online domain name extention.

8. Consider changing your brand competley.

Most people would consider this as an easy way out. Your chosen domain name might have already been registered, but trying to figure out something different and go down a differnt route can sometimes be a really good idea. This can also reduce the risk of a brand name dispute. This could also been seen and a brand new opportunity disguise. Gather around the table with your family and friends one of the could come up with something you really did not think of before and provide a fresh perspective.

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9. Do your research

Before jumping into registering a new domain name or buying one from someone you really need to take your time and do you research. Once a domain is registered and brought from someone it cannot be returned or refunded. So take your time and make sure you make a wise choice. It might also be a great idea to consult with an marketing expect and ask for feedback. You might just get provided with some great advise and assist you with making a business busting mistake.


With this many options don’t feel as if your have been shut out just because the name you really wanted has been taken. Think of it this way. It could be a chance for you to choose a better brand for your new and website which people searching for your services will better know you for.