Hosting your drupal site.

Hosting your Drupal site is now easier than ever.

Drupal has now become ready available via many hosting compaines utilising the cPanel hosting platform.

With the softaculous installer intergrated into cPanel Drupal can be installed in less than 20 seconds.
First your going to need to search for an Australian company who provideds the cPanel hosting plaform with softaculous installed on their hosting servers. A new domain registrar lauched back in 2019 

The performance is your Drupal site will depend on many factors such as the domains and hosting company you choose, the physical location of the data center, if your using a shared or dedicated cloud server, DNS speed, internet traffic, site caching and addon tools.

The Benefits of Drupal Hosting Plans

Choosing the best CMS for your website is an important early step in building a website. But a CMS doesn’t usually provide web hosting on its own. If you decide to use Drupal to build a website, you’ll still need to purchase a web hosting plan separately.

Most web hosting plans you consider will work for a Drupal website, but you can benefit from specifically seeking out an application web hosting plan  that supports Drupal.

Here are a few good reasons to go with Drupal hosting specifically.

1. Drupal hosting will offer easy installation.

Working with Drupal requires skill, but adding a Drupal site to your web hosting account shouldn’t. A Drupal hosting plan will offer one-click installation that you can complete within minutes.

You might have to hire developers for some of the other updates and specifics you want for your website, but linking your CMS to your web hosting plan is something anyone on your team will be equally capable of getting done in a matter of minutes with Drupal hosting.

2. There’s no cost for adding Drupal to your web hosting account.

Because the Drupal platform is open source, using it is free. You’ll likely pay for the web developers you hire for it, and you’ll need to pay for your web hosting plan. But with a Drupal hosting plan, you can avoid one more cost because you’ll know for sure that using Drupal with your web hosting account won’t cause any additional fees.

3.  Compatibility is assured.

One of the biggest annoyances of the technology age is finding yourself with two tech products that aren’t compatible with each other. After you’ve put money and resources into developing a website on Drupal, you definitely don’t want to face compatibility issues with the web hosting plan you choose.

When you start by choosing a web hosting plan that specializes in Drupal, then you’ll know with absolute confidence your web hosting plan will work well with your Drupal site.

4.  You have two sources for helpful support.

The Drupal community is well known for being large, devoted, and supportive. A large, skilled community means a huge library of modules and extensions—many of them available to the larger community for free (although some for pay). But it also means access to many people willing to offer support and guidance on using Drupal.

The Drupal community gathers online in Slack channels and on other chat tools. Regional groups meet up in person around the world to commiserate over using Drupal, and you can find conferences and other events that are all about Drupal. In addition, many members of the community work hard to develop resources and documentation to help other Drupal

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