A flight simulator database is a repository of aircraft and pilot related information found in flight simulators. It is a specialized form of the simulator software that is designed to provide the user with a more complete view of what they are flying. These databases are usually very detailed and have a number of items that can be chosen to display. This allows the user to have more of a control over the flight and be able to learn as much as possible from their experience. Flight simulator database sites are often updated for free and will always be available as new games and upgrades are released.

In general, there are two main things found in a flight simulator database. The first is the aircraft and copilot and other items for these planes can also be added as well. These items include the name, model, number of hours of flying time, address, service history, registration, date of birth, gender, and age of the user. This information is often taken directly from the files found on the computer system or from the simulator’s registry.

Many flight simulator database sites will allow users to search by a certain criteria. This may include name of plane, type of aircraft, airport, or any other specified criteria. For instance, a search may be done for an F-14 Tomcat. This would return a list of planes that have the exact configuration of the Tomcat, such as the fuel load, weight, maximum speed, altitude, rate of climb, and most of all the name. This allows the user to get a better idea of what they are flying.

The second thing that a flight simulator database provides is a large database of military planes. This may seem a little controversial, since it is clearly recognized that the United States Air Force has a lot of jets that are of foreign countries. However, the database provides all planes in the Air Force inventory, plus some which were procured from the former Soviet Union. The database also provides information on rare Russian-made planes.

There are a large number of flight simulator database sites available online. A user needs to take care in choosing the best one. Each site has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended to look at reviews and testimonials on the site itself before choosing to download its software.
The new Microsoft flight simulator has many new addons and is supported by many new msfs download databases

The simulator download industry is booming. Avid sim users are constantly looking for new tools that can make their work more efficient. In fact, many experts believe that the use of flight simulator database sites is the way of the future. They point out that because the quality of the simulator games has improved drastically in recent years, users no longer have to spend long hours in training sessions just to master a certain technique. These games can easily help users become more proficient.