Over the past years we have enganged in many web development projects and helped thousands of Australian companies get online.
One industry that has always interested us is the medical technology industry. This is actually a very sensitve niche niche to work in due to paitent privacy issues.
When private medical data is stored in the cloud it must never be hosted on a shared public server. Therefore VPS (Virtual private servers) must be used. The problem with hosting medical data on a shared public cloud server is that hundreds often thousands of other websites are also hosted on the box. This sometimes causes very slow data transfer speeds and also open to attack because these public hosting servers are not as secure as fully fledged virtual private servers.
When a company is providing a medical web hosting service they must insure the servers have a high level of security including harderned firewalls and DDOS protection. Leaking private medical data has its obvious issues. In the united states there is a policy that says all medical hosting services must be HIPAA compliant. This is a set of privacy policies that all heathcare providers must follow in order to host medical information. Any company hosting medical data in Australia must adhear to the Australia privacy act (1981)

We decided to provide this example as a demonstration of what can actually be acheived by using a simple wordpress template. WordPress is an amazing content management system that makes building websites a breaze. The Australian medical hosting website looks stunning. It’s bright, catches the eye and the template was easy congifured. All that need to be done for this web development project was to add the content. The template itself has some great options with preconfigured widgets which adding the the poppy look and feel of this project. We chose to go with wordpress in this instance simply because of the template.

Considering Medical Software Hosting On Australian Private Cloud Servers

Here are the top 10 factors a medical practice website should function and deliver:

1. Support your medical practice strategic needs and patient needs.
2. Building trust and answering questions.
3. Key marketing tools to enhance your online reputation.
4. It should be easy to navigate around and find key information.
5. It should look modern and professionally presented.
6. It should have a clear pathway that will allow patients to book an appointment.
7. Be human. Display real life images and faces.
8. Deliver efficiencies and improve patient care and enable them to communicate
9. It should be mobile friendly.
10. It should follow Medical Board of Australia’s Guidelines for Advertising of Regulated Health Services.

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