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In the modern competitive environment of business on the world wide web, every internet business internet site demands hottest web technology solutions using best web application growth. However, you can find intense competitions in regards to developing an eyecatching site and which makes it work efficiently or carry out without headaches multi tasking.

Web designing Platform

There are many platforms such as web designing such as static HTML, flash web sites along with a lot more. PHP is just one such stage which effortlessly works the best for custom cutting internet solutions.

Significant feature

Still another significant feature for picking PHP could be your fee advantage. Designing, Assessing, developing and changing PHP based web sites is completed well with cheap investment.

PHP is extremely

PHP is extremely well-known and recognized programming-language for custom web site creation having its fully operational scripting terminology.


Considerably it might be immediately mixed into HTML readily. PHP Development is rather easy as compared to its competitors like ASP.Net, Coffee plus other.

Website Development

PHP Website Development got clear-cut arrangement, features and techniques and also every developer can comprehend it quite fast. There could possibly be a few efficient choices readily out there for the evolution of efficient site, however PHP webdevelopment fits the ideal.

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

We supply one of the very best web solutions for web site development using years of excellent experience in PHP development. Together with PHP it is now possible to create sound internet site which goes within a extensive method to help the most useful through its own functionality.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

PHP web site development also increases the representation and visibility of the site at an extremely powerful and qualified style.

Choosing a passionate PHP web developer provides keeping and excellence of time together side efficacy to your internet development. Even the firms could workout on other primary places of development after picking out the very affordable PHP programmer.

Our Trademarked

All the aforementioned benefits avail using cheap cost for webdevelopment through opensource PHP webdevelopment, an very best option for any internet business organization to think of modern ideas and attempt to satisfy their demand together with services that are better.

Dedicated PHP programmer works timely to fulfill your demand with all client interaction about job upgrades and normal interaction. They’ll produce working reviews for your requirements personally and among the things they are going to supply you will be their own easy creation style.
Australian medical hosting project

Australian medical hosting project


Over the past years we have enganged in many web development projects and helped thousands of Australian companies get online.
One industry that has always interested us is the medical technology industry. This is actually a very sensitve niche niche to work in due to paitent privacy issues.
When private medical data is stored in the cloud it must never be hosted on a shared public server. Therefore VPS (Virtual private servers) must be used. The problem with hosting medical data on a shared public cloud server is that hundreds often thousands of other websites are also hosted on the box. This sometimes causes very slow data transfer speeds and also open to attack because these public hosting servers are not as secure as fully fledged virtual private servers.
When a company is providing a medical web hosting service they must insure the servers have a high level of security including harderned firewalls and DDOS protection. Leaking private medical data has its obvious issues. In the united states there is a policy that says all medical hosting services must be HIPAA compliant. This is a set of privacy policies that all heathcare providers must follow in order to host medical information. Any company hosting medical data in Australia must adhear to the Australia privacy act (1981)

We decided to provide this example as a demonstration of what can actually be acheived by using a simple wordpress template. WordPress is an amazing content management system that makes building websites a breaze. The Australian medical hosting website looks stunning. It’s bright, catches the eye and the template was easy congifured. All that need to be done for this web development project was to add the content. The template itself has some great options with preconfigured widgets which adding the the poppy look and feel of this project. We chose to go with wordpress in this instance simply because of the template.

Considering Medical Software Hosting On Australian Private Cloud Servers

Here are the top 10 factors a medical practice website should function and deliver:

1. Support your medical practice strategic needs and patient needs.
2. Building trust and answering questions.
3. Key marketing tools to enhance your online reputation.
4. It should be easy to navigate around and find key information.
5. It should look modern and professionally presented.
6. It should have a clear pathway that will allow patients to book an appointment.
7. Be human. Display real life images and faces.
8. Deliver efficiencies and improve patient care and enable them to communicate
9. It should be mobile friendly.
10. It should follow Medical Board of Australia’s Guidelines for Advertising of Regulated Health Services.

Best Health & Medical WordPress Theme in 2019

Hardening docker containers

Docker Security Best Practices - Sqreen Blog

Linux Docker containers are a entwined around what’s called Linux control groups otherwise known as (cgroups) and namespaces. Cgroups are used for Linux kernel monitoring and restricting resources among a group of set processes. The Namespace will determine what a process can see. For example, the PID namespace will restrict what processes can be seen within a docker container.
These containers that are running on a cloud host shares a common underlying kernel. From there containers are isolated from one another, which – from a security standpoint – is advantageous. However, if the host operating system becomes compromised, all containers running on the share are equally at risk. This goes for the same if a container is using a vulnerable library, it could be exploited to gain access to the underlying host system.



Drupal Cloud | Acquia

Drupal Cloud Hosting is an open source solution to free Drupal hosting. Drupal is a content management system and it is used by thousands of small and large organizations. Today it is one of the fastest growing open source technologies. Drupal development is free and the community supports the development through different formats. The scope of Drupal development is enormous. You can build sites that look like the Facebook or Twitter or any other sites like YouTube or Drupal.

Drupal Cloud Hosting is not only one among your top Drupal managed hosting solutions. It is also among the most cost effective solutions. It enables you to select the best cloud hosting provider for your Drupal platform. You can go for either AWS Digital Ocean or Google Cloud, you name it.

But before selecting these or any Drupal hosting key features, you must have a clear idea about your needs and the amount of traffic you can provide. By having this idea you will be able to analyze which of these options suits you best. You can start with the free plan if you have a small site or blog or even if you are new to Drupal development. It will allow you to test the waters first.

You can take advantage of all of these benefits at no extra cost. But in order to take advantage of all the Drupal Cloud Hosting benefits, it is very important to avail the paid version. But here too you may have to pay a little more than the free Drupal hosting solution. It is definitely worth the money spent though. Here you get a huge advantage of being hosted on a well maintained and secure server. There are multiple data transfer options and a customized control panel to customize your web page layouts and features.

If you need the ultimate control over the entire Drupal development platform and wish to run your business on a large scale then you should definitely opt for a managed Drupal hosting solution. Here you get complete technical support, dedicated customer support, a team of programmers around the clock, excellent security solutions and the freedom to install and utilize all the Drupal modules. The professional technical team who are always available for Drupal development thus give you the advantage of having the most competitive price as well as excellent support and service. With Drupal Cloud Hosting you do not need to purchase any extra license for using Drupal on the server. This means that in case you find any problem or functionality issue with the Drupal platform you are in complete control of it since it is provided by the company.

Drupal Cloud Hosting offers great advantages to small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals. You get the full control over the system, which means that you can customize it and ensure that the information on your website is 100% upto the dot. Moreover, there are several features integrated into this solution to ensure that you get the most out of Drupal development. You get dedicated staff and an excellent user interface, which ensure that you get customized solutions. Drupal Cloud Hosting thus ensures that you get the best Drupal platform in the market.

In case you are looking for an affordable solution and do not need to make any modifications in the core Drupal code then there is the possibility of Drupal Hosting with Drupal Cloud. With Drupal Cloud Hosts you need not make any changes in your Drupal installation since everything will be managed by the software itself. This also means that if you need to upgrade your Drupal platform you need not undertake the hassle of getting a new server or upgrading the software. In fact, Drupal Cloud Hosting provides complete independence from the Drupal Operating System itself. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any problems with the platform itself.

In case you are planning to deploy Drupal on a huge platform, such as a server, then it would be ideal to look for Drupal Hosting. However, it is important to note that all Drupal Cloud Hosting plans come with unlimited scalability and the best part about this is that you can choose a dedicated virtual hosting solution provided by the Drupal development company. Therefore, if you need to host a huge number of websites, Drupal Cloud Hosting is the best possible solution available. Moreover, this hosting solution provided by Drupal makes it easy for anyone to set up a Drupal development site with the help of an excellent user interface and comprehensive documentation


How To Select The Right Content Management System For Business

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application used to manage the generation and modification of content on the Internet. The content of a website is stored in a database called the “CMS”. CMS provides a framework for storing, controlling, and allowing access to this content through a web browser. It can also be used as a tool to allow authors and web browsers to create, publish, and search content.

There are many benefits to using a content management system. Content can be archived and moved between websites, and this allows changes to be made to content whenever it is required. There is no need to hire a team of content editors, as any type of computer file containing text or data can be edited on the CMS. When a website without a CMS becomes boring or stagnant, changes can be made very quickly and this prevents content from becoming out of date or corrupt.

The first benefit of what is a content management system for websites is that content can be easily and quickly indexed by search engines. Indexing occurs when web pages are submitted to a search engine directory. Indexing is done by crawlers, this crawler determines which keywords appear most frequently in the content, and then compares this information with millions of other sites in the index to determine which of these keywords is most relevant to the user’s search request.

Most CMS applications use Drupal. Drupal is a free open source content management system which was created by a group of developers in the 1990s. Drupal has been installed on thousands of web servers and it is highly flexible and reliable. Users can create templates, themes, and interact with the content through forums and user groups. Drupal is written in PHP/5.0 language and has C++ extensions.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) around the world. WordPress is easy to install and maintain. It includes a very user friendly software library. This software library is what allows WordPress to do what it does. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems used today.

Security | WordPress.org

Google Blogger is another popular CMS. Users of Google Blogger can easily publish web content such as pictures, RSS feeds, podcasts, and events. Google Blogger also allows you to publish your blog on your own domain name instead of using a free hosting service. If you publish your blog on Google Blogger you must use Google’s AdSense program.

MS Word is the most basic word processing application available. Word is the most popular word processing program. Microsoft Word is often included with your computer as part of the operating system. Microsoft Word is one of the easiest to use content editors.

MySQL is another popular content management system that is used to manage content from a web server. You will find that MySQL is commonly used in conjunction with PHP and Apache to create dynamic web pages. MySQL is considered to be the most widely used content management application in the world.

The purpose of a CMS is to take an original written document and convert it into a digital form. Typically a CMS will allow a web author to manage their written work through the use of databases and allows users to make changes to the document. Web content management systems provide users with a number of conveniences and tools to help them create and manage their written work on the web. The most common features included in a content management system are the ability to update documents, add, edit, and delete them, and the ability to search and preview the changes that have been made. CMS allows you to maintain complete control of your written work even after it has been published on the internet.

You may be interested in learning how to build websites without knowing anything about coding. In that case you should know that there are many free website creation kits available that provide you with all the information you need to build your own site. Many of these kits provide step-by-step instructions that allow you to set up a basic site and then modify it over time as your knowledge and skills increase. If you prefer to learn by using a CMS, you will be happy to know that there are many paid content management systems available that provide you with the same content management system but also give you the option of building and publishing your site through the use of a graphical user interface.

Some of the more popular CMS systems include Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and ZenCart. Each one of these offers a wide variety of features like the user friendly web templates, ready to use plug-ins for various functions, versioning and synchronisation of content, and more. ZenCart is probably one of the best known and most widely used CMS systems in the world, but it does not compromise in any way, allowing you to build websites without having to know a single line of code.

Building websites is fun and extremely easy, but not many people realize how much skill and knowledge are required in order to build high quality websites that are aesthetically pleasing as well as informative and valuable to their visitors. Learning HTML or CSS is not required, and many websites are built without using this foundational coding language. There are many different ways to learn how to build websites and using a Content management system can help to speed up your development process while increasing your skill level at the same time. As your knowledge of CSS and HTML grows, so too will your ability to create custom designed websites that you can be proud of.

Choosing the right domain name for development project

8 Smart Tips for Choosing a Successful Domain Name | Kemp Resources

Choosing the right domain name can be an important step towards the success of your web development project. Choosing the wrong one can turn off users and put you in a bad position. That is why it is important to understand that getting it right is more important than getting it fast. There are many different factors that go into choosing the right domain name for your business. You have to consider such things as audience, personality, tone, industry, competition, etc. Once you understand these things then it becomes easy to pick a domain name.

If you want to attract a certain audience then choosing an appropriate domain name will be very important. This means picking a name that is catchy. It is also important to make sure that your audience can easily remember your domain name. This will ensure that they remember your name when they type it into a search engine.

Your personality is also another factor that plays a role in choosing the perfect domain name for your business. This will help you set the tone for your website. If you are creative then you will be able to come up with exciting names. You should avoid names that are too common. You should try to come up with a unique name that is related to your niche but different enough to be a name that is still recognizable.

The type of business you own and the products or services you provide should be considered. This will help to create a domain name that reflects what your business is about. It is also important to think about who will be visiting the site. This will help you choose a name that is not only memorable but also catchy.

The industry you are in will also play a big role in determining your domain name. Some people prefer to get things spelled the way they are while others want it to be unique. A domain name that is easy to remember and spell is important because you want visitors to be able to quickly find it when they type in the domain name. A domain name that is easy to remember is one that is related to the main keywords on your site. When you have a lot of traffic heading to your site, it is very important to make sure that those keywords are included in the domain name.

The geographical area of where your business operates will impact your decision. This means that if your business is located in a state that has a lot of visitors coming in, it would be wise to choose a name that reflects that. If you are looking to expand your business by offering more services, you will want a domain name that reflects that as well.

A good tip for choosing a domain name is to consider the length of the URL. If you need to bookmark a site or enter information into a web form, you may need to include some sort of domain name so that the user can remember what it is. If you are unsure of the length of the URL, you can use hyphens instead of periods. Hyphens are very important when dealing with domain names as they allow the user to read the URL easier and quicker. Remember to keep the domain name short but avoid getting too long.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when learning how to choose the right domain name is that they fail to include keywords in their domain names. If the domain name is easy to remember and spell then you need to add keywords to it so that your visitors can easily find your website. It is always a good idea to do a little research before purchasing a domain name so that you can find domain names that are available. You can always change the name once you find one that works.

Web Development Australia

Web Development Australia

Melbourne, Australia Web Development Events | Eventbrite

The web development market has been booming in Australia ever since the infliction of the covid-19 virus.
Many Australia’s have turned to starting there own online business as a replacment for lost income due to the hard lockdown rules imposed.
Ever since the introduction of CMS systems such as wordpress, joomla and druple, designing websites from the ground up is now a thing of the past. Today you can search online for some fantasic looking templates and then just installed them into your choosen CMS system and build a full 10 page website in just a few days. It’s actually sometimes little bit hard to see that some web development companies are just pulling templates of the shelf and charging unsuspecting customers the same price that building a new site from the ground up would normally cost. This can sometimes be in excess of $2000.

We have found a great list of trusted Australian web development companies that provide honest and valued services. These Australian web development companies will actually give the the open option to select a website template for yourself or will sit with you and listen to your design requests and build a fully custom website complete with blogs from the ground up.

Here is our list of top web developers in Australia.

List of the Top Australia Web Development Companies

1. Chromatix

2. Evolut

3. DreamWalk App Development

4. Butterfly

5. Cnab Digital

6. ISH Technologies

7. Enterprise Monkey

8. Rocketships

9. Trimantium GrowthOps


We have worked with all of these web development companies over the years and they all have all  their own special twists, angles and skill sets.
Depending on the type of project you are working selecting the best development company can be tricky. Please contact us here at the web development guide with your requirements and we can recommend the best solution for your needs. Our web developers at Emspace Australia are multi skilled in a number of special aspects of development. Many Australian based clients are now looking for one stop shops in order to keep as much as they can under one roof. You can search for a company such as Domain Registration DNS situated in Melbourne who can provide you with all the components you are going to need to get online under same roof. These components include domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting, web design and development and search engine optimisation all under a single billed account.

Our last peice of advise and we highly stress that this is something you must understand. In Australia there is quite a large difference between web development and web design.
If you have any further questions in regards to what these difference’s are please contact us here at Emspace Web Development Guide.

jQuery Glue Code Setup

jQuery Glue Code Setup

This article describes how to set up a custom JavaScript file in your theme in preparation for writing simple jQuery “glue code”.

What is Glue Code

There is a fairly common practice in Drupal site development called writing “glue code”. The idea is that, when developing a site, there will be a number of simple custom behaviors or workflow steps that you need to configure. Most of the time there is a module to achieve individual requirements, but the risk is that you can end up with a lot of extra code of dubious performance or quality akin to the Open Buffet Syndrome.

The risk of contrib

Contributed modules, since they are written for generic use, will often have more than 10 times the amount of code that you need for your custom installation. The extra code includes features and administration pages that you simply don’t need for your project.

My rule of thumb is if you can achieve a goal in 10 lines of code, don’t use a contributed module. As an example, this rule used to apply to the inclusion of Google Analytics code, until the available module became very useful and reliable. (Google Analytics module ships with Acquia Drupal which we use as a base for new projects.)

jQuery as Glue Code

I’ve been on the fringes of using jQuery for some time, simply not having the time to learn the fundamentals of the syntax and how Drupal uses jQuery and JavaScript. I finally nailed my knowledge recently using Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery.

This has opened up my ability to look for simple solutions to common problems. As I code solutions, I will blog some of them, and so here I’d like to explain the basic steps to setting up a custom JavaScript file for your theme, which I’ll refer back to in my future articles. I’m not going to go into depth, but I’ll certainly update this article if needed. I’d appreciate the offer of links to detailed articles which describe the same thing.

Enabling mytheme.js

How to get a JavaScript file to the page in a nice way. Replace any instances of “mytheme” with the name of your theme.

1. Tell your theme about your .js file
Go to your theme’s .info file. This file is located in the top level of your theme directory, eg. sites/emspace.com.au/themes/mytheme/mytheme.info. Add this line to the .info file:

scripts[] = scripts/mytheme.js


2. Add your file
In your theme directory, add a folder called “scripts” if it doesn’t exist. Now add an empty file called “mytheme.js”. The path to the file will be something like sites/emspace.com.au/themes/mytheme/scripts/mytheme.js

3. Clear the theme cache
Drupal needs to re-assess your theme. So you need to clear out it’s cache and force it to rebuild. One way to clear the theme registry is to simply save the theme admin page, which you’ll find here: http://example.com?q=admin/build/themes

4. Turn off JavaScript aggregation
In order to see the file being output to your page, you should turn off JavaScript aggregation on the performance page: http://example.com?q=admin/settings/performance. Disable the “Optimize JavaScript files” setting.

5. Confirm output
Now you should be able to look at your source HTML and see your file being included. It will appear like this:


To be extra sure, you can add something to mytheme.js as simple as:

// Test that my JavaScript file is being included.
alert(“I’m ready and waiting”);


You’re done

Now you are ready to add JavaScript snippets to this file.

When a domain name is taken

When a domain name is taken

So what do you do if the domain name you want for your new web development project is already taken?

Currently there is over 1.9 billion different websites around the world. This also means that even more domain names are registerd. It’s most likely that the domain name you choose has already been registered by someone else. This often results with you needing to totally rethink your new company branding. Different domain name and hosting providers can also actually automatically make suggestions for when a domain your searching for is taken.
You might just be able to solve this problem also by following some of our helpful tips.

Domain Name Taken? Try These 7 Clever Solutions Instead


1. You can add a verb.

Adding a verb is very common when people come up against domain names that have already been taken and its a really quick and easy fix. Its often also a very practical solution. Using verbs in your URL will allow you to use the name of your brand within your actual website address. Its an easy adjustment. If your internet name is a common and generic the best solution is to just add a verb and go with that. Keep in mind that shorter URLs might have an effect on where your site could be placed in search engines.

2. You can think about extending and expanding your brand.

Back in 2015 the well known car brand Telsa Motor was not able to register or own the name Telsa.com because it was actually already taken by other registrant. There is not much you can really do when a site name you really want has already been taken. It does not matter how big of a company you might own or how wealthy your business might be you don’t have much legal ground to fight for that domain name. So this is where a new brand name was thought of and it was decided to go ahead and register TeslaMotor.com. If you think outside the box you will find that you can always just extend your brand name.

3. Think about what country you live in

Just because someone else has already gone a head and registered the name you really had you heart set on does not mean you can’t make your URL country specific.
You always have the option to register a country TLD. With over 200 different extentions you can register you just might find the country you live in has it’s own extention.
You can also put a shortened version of the country you actually live in into your chosen name.

4. Try something different or go for a catchy memorable name.

Many people often tend to remember different types of catchphrases, especially if they are advertised in a smart way. A good catchphrase is normally quite easy to remember. This is what often makes them perfect for a website name. If you have a brand name that you don’t want to change. Just trying adding a catchphrase to it.

5. You can add a hyphen in your name.

Adding a hypen to your name can mean that you don’t need to change the branding of your internet name at all. However, for some people these can look cheap and slightly compromising but it really does depend on the product you might be advertising. If you cannot seem to come up with any ther name or try rebranding using a hypen is a still a good option.

6. Offer to buy the name.

Often names that have been registered are not actually being used. You might just be able to track down the owner of the name that you wish to register and make an offer. Be prepaired though because often people will sit and squat on a name in order to get the highest offer and this can run into the ten of thousands of dollars.

7. Choose a different name extention.

There is currently over 200 different with .com being the most popular and widley used domain name. With 200 different domain name extentions to choose from you still have a quite a few options if you decided to go this route. Not every domain registrar offers the full suite of extentions so you might need to do some homework in order to find a company that can offer all the options. One registrar in Australia that we found  who offers all 200+ extentions is Domain Registration DNS. With cheap domain options and this many extentions to choose from you could also find a name that is industry specific. For example if you are operating an educational platform you can register with the extention .school. Or maybe your brand is 100% online so you could choose the .online domain name extention.

8. Consider changing your brand competley.

Most people would consider this as an easy way out. Your chosen domain name might have already been registered, but trying to figure out something different and go down a differnt route can sometimes be a really good idea. This can also reduce the risk of a brand name dispute. This could also been seen and a brand new opportunity disguise. Gather around the table with your family and friends one of the could come up with something you really did not think of before and provide a fresh perspective.

Best Domain Research services | A Team Of Domain Research Experts

9. Do your research

Before jumping into registering a new domain name or buying one from someone you really need to take your time and do you research. Once a domain is registered and brought from someone it cannot be returned or refunded. So take your time and make sure you make a wise choice. It might also be a great idea to consult with an marketing expect and ask for feedback. You might just get provided with some great advise and assist you with making a business busting mistake.


With this many options don’t feel as if your have been shut out just because the name you really wanted has been taken. Think of it this way. It could be a chance for you to choose a better brand for your new and website which people searching for your services will better know you for.



A website designer concentrates primarily on the visual appeal

A website designer concentrates primarily on the visual appeal

Selecting the Most Appropriate individual

Do you require a website designer, web developer or developer? The terms might all seem similar, however there are various gaps at the job they perform and consequently what you may anticipate from their services for the website.

A website designer concentrates primarily on the visual appeal or appearance and texture of the site, for example, design. A fantastic webdesigner ought to be an authority for making internet sites visually powerful and impactful and in attracting traffic to the ideal places on your web site. Some web site designers unite their own services with picture design, therefore if you get a fresh look and feel fantastic onto your own internet site, they may incorporate it to get you personally on company letter heads and business cards too.

An internet developer focuses more about functionality. They may possibly program solely to your internet or may possibly do applications programming too. The developer’s concern is becoming top features of one’s site to do the job. Examples could include things like building an internet intranet or database application, where advice can be kept in your own database and controlled via your site. In bigger businesses, these functions in many cases are divided so that developers function with the”back end” – that the characteristics which create a web site work and after that apply the”front end” developed by means of a webdesigner to create your website more desirable.

An internet programmer muddies the water much, sorry. Web programmers may incorporate components of programming and design. Web development can be a wider term for a site on the web and which makes it do the job. It is possible to anticipate a fantastic internet programmer to truly have a watch on both the overall look and functionality of the site.

In the event you have to narrow down it and you aren’t quite certain about the technicalities, then take a shop around your website. Attempt searching for terms such as”asp programmer” to obtain some body with the particular skills to boost your internet site.

Grill the portfolio once you go to a web programmer’s web site, assess their portfolio entirely and do not quit there – search to their customers’ internet site on line. If you’re seeking blog re design to let you update content easily, how well will be the programmer’s portfolio internet sites maintained? If you’re primarily concerned using searchengine optimization (search engine optimization ), just how do client internet sites fare on searchengines to its suitable terms?

The exclusive signature especially, listen to client recommendations. The site may reveal to you the end result, however the recommendation may let you know regarding the web site design process for this specific individual or company. Every SME differs, however with those I’ve caused, 1 thing has stayed exactly the same: the importance of the personalized touchscreen. Whether you’re using a freelancer or even a huge webdevelopment corporation, you want to make sure you could set a fantastic partnership with your internet programmer. How fast and do they react to e mails or telephone calls? Are you currently coming with information and what type of information do they feature? Again, you do not need to be a professional, you just have to judge if you think it rings true and matches to you along with Your Company

Web Services Needed: What SMEs Need to Know When Hiring a Web Developer or Designer

Your company will be… well, no matter your company may possibly be: individual resources, pipes, conducting your restaurant. Most SME proprietors are invited to accomplish exactly what they love and also work very tough to get their organizations successful. Regardless of what you do, then you would like your web site to work with you, however, you wish to spend time running your company, maybe not taking care of the nuts and bolts of web designing, therefore when you will need services, how can you make certain you’re doing the perfect thing for the business enterprise?

This straightforward checklist will let you handle your internet service demands from begin to finish also to be certain to make the highest value and value webdevelopment for the business.

Which services do you really require?

If you do not have a site, the initial step is always to jot exactly why you’ll need a site and what you really are interested to complete for the company. Is it a web business card for the reference? Would you like to offer products via your website? Can it be to increase communication within or beyond the business? Each one these factors help determine the style and development of one’s internet site, that are ideal to perform the job and also the possible price.

If you presently own a web site, make an effort to nail just everything you do and do not enjoy about the current internet site and the way that matters may be changed. Attempt to be specific: in the place of imagining that it appears obsolete, identify exactly what causes it : Can it be that the color strategy or perhaps the fonts? May be your navigation awkward or obsolete? That you never need to be an internet site design expert to get this done, however it is going to provide you a headstart in trying to find a web programmer to address those issues.

Then prioritise your”wish list”, which might be a combo of specific points, e.g. improving the design and also much more general demands e.g.”that I need to drive business to my internet site”. Once you’ve got this, then you certainly have a brief that a web programmer may use to workout the services needed and also how exactly to attain the desired benefits. Since the list is prioritised, if it has to do with obtaining quotes to the task, you’re able to decide how far can be achievable within your timeframe and funding.

Hosting Your Drupal Site.

Hosting Your Drupal Site.

Hosting your drupal site.

Hosting your Drupal site is now easier than ever.
Drupal has now become ready available via many hosting compaines utilising the cPanel hosting platform.
With the softaculous installer intergrated into cPanel Drupal can be installed in less than 20 seconds.
First your going to need to search for an Australian company who provideds the cPanel hosting plaform with softaculous installed on their hosting servers. A new domain registrar lauched back in 2019 

The performance is your Drupal site will depend on many factors such as the domains and hosting company you choose, the physical location of the data center, if your using a shared or dedicated cloud server, DNS speed, internet traffic, site caching and addon tools.

The Benefits of Drupal Hosting Plans

Choosing the best CMS for your website is an important early step in building a website. But a CMS doesn’t usually provide web hosting on its own. If you decide to use Drupal to build a website, you’ll still need to purchase a web hosting plan separately.

Most web hosting plans you consider will work for a Drupal website, but you can benefit from specifically seeking out an application web hosting plan  that supports Drupal.

Here are a few good reasons to go with Drupal hosting specifically.

1. Drupal hosting will offer easy installation.

Working with Drupal requires skill, but adding a Drupal site to your web hosting account shouldn’t. A Drupal hosting plan will offer one-click installation that you can complete within minutes.

You might have to hire developers for some of the other updates and specifics you want for your website, but linking your CMS to your web hosting plan is something anyone on your team will be equally capable of getting done in a matter of minutes with Drupal hosting.

2. There’s no cost for adding Drupal to your web hosting account.

Because the Drupal platform is open source, using it is free. You’ll likely pay for the developers you hire for it, and you’ll need to pay for your web hosting plan. But with a Drupal hosting plan, you can avoid one more cost because you’ll know for sure that using Drupal with your web hosting account won’t cause any additional fees.

3.  Compatibility is assured.

One of the biggest annoyances of the technology age is finding yourself with two tech products that aren’t compatible with each other. After you’ve put money and resources into developing a website on Drupal, you definitely don’t want to face compatibility issues with the web hosting plan you choose.

When you start by choosing a web hosting plan that specializes in Drupal, then you’ll know with absolute confidence your web hosting plan will work well with your Drupal site.

4.  You have two sources for helpful support.

The Drupal community is well known for being large, devoted, and supportive. A large, skilled community means a huge library of modules and extensions—many of them available to the larger community for free (although some for pay). But it also means access to many people willing to offer support and guidance on using Drupal.

The Drupal community gathers online in Slack channels and on other chat tools. Regional groups meet up in person around the world to commiserate over using Drupal, and you can find conferences and other events that are all about Drupal. In addition, many members of the community work hard to develop resources and documentation to help other Drupal

Source: What Is Drupal Hosting? | HostGator Blog

Hide email addresses from spambots

Hide email addresses from spambots

This function takes any string and converts it into an ASCII encoded character. I wrote this function recently to help prevent email harvesting spambots from collecting email addresses from a client’s site.

This method is far from robust, and will only deter fairly rudimentary spambots from collecting email addresses from your site. If you are using a CMS like Drupal, I would highly recommend using a module such as Invisimail (http://drupal.org/project/invisimail) or SpamSpan filter (http://drupal.org/project/spamspan) which use more effective methods such as javascript encryption and things like that. Those 2 modules also integrate with Email Field (http://drupal.org/project/email) to make your life even easier.

function encode_ascii($email) {
$num = strlen($email);
for ($i = 0; $i < $num; $i++) {
$char = substr($email, $i, 1);
$encoded[] = '&#'. ord($char) .';';
return implode($encoded);

// to use this function, simple pass your email address string into it.
$email = ‘[email protected]’;
print ‘Email Address: ‘. encode_ascii($email);


The result should not be obvious (because your browser should automatically handle decoding the ASCII characters), but if you look at the source of the page, you should see something like this:

Make your custom modules and themes sticky

Make your custom modules and themes sticky

When putting a lot of work into a Drupal site, it’s nice to add some minor touches to give the project a more professional feel. In some ways, you are selling the quality of your customizations to the client, you boss, and other developers.

Module .info

The first example is for the Modules page. When I visit this page I like the custom modules to be clearly displayed in a package above the other modules, which gives them a quality of importance. To achieve this we exploit the fact that Drupal will sort the modules page by package, forcing a space at the start of the package name. Here is the .info file:

name = emspace.com.au Code
description = General code for functioning of emspace.com.au
package = " Em Space"
core = 6.x

Theme .info

The same goes for theme. This is especially true for a codebase that has a lot of contrib themes on hand.

name = " Em Space Orange"
description = Administration theme
core = 6.x
engine = phptemplate
base theme = emspace2010

Going further…

It is also possible to add HTML to the “name”, “package” and other .info values. So if you really want, you can jazz up your module listing with a marquee tag, or an icon in place of the “version” number.

Drush aliases primer for Live->Dev syncing

Drush aliases primer for Live->Dev syncing

This article demonstrates Drush aliases and the configuration you need to pull the database and files from one Drupal site to another with the following commands:

# Syncronize sites/emspace.com.au/files from production to dev.
drush rsync @prod:%files @dev:%files

# Syncronize database (minus ‘custom’ tables) from production to dev
drush sql-sync –structure-tables-key=custom –no-cache @prod @dev


I spoke with Moshe at Drupalcon SF about some new tricks in Drush. I realised that my bespoke deployment scripts would soon be obsolete. Today I figured out what I needed from Drush and this article describes my new preferred “one-liners”.

Along with Moshe et all, I want to specifically thank Greg Anderson. Judging by his answer to my issue here, he’s put a lot of work into this part of Drush, and I think we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible.


You need two working Drupal sites for this example – preferably on the same server (to begin with). I created two sites on my localhost. This simply makes debugging easier while you get the hang of aliases.

My setup, in case it helps:

  • Mac OSX
  • MAMP PRO 1.9 (Normal MAMP would be OK, but harder to configure custom hostnames)
  • Drupal 6
  • Drush 3.1 lives in /Library/PHP/drush
  • “Production site” is set up as http://prod.local and lives at /Users/sime/Sites/prod.local
  • “Development site” is set up as http://dev.local and lives at /Users/sime/Sites/dev.local

I have /usr/bin/php soft-linked to the MAMP php 5.2 executable. In MAMP I’ve edited the php.ini template for 5.2, increasing the memory limit to 128mb. I have Drush aliased simply as alias drush="php /Library/PHP/drush/drush.php" in my .bash_profile.

Set up your aliases

For these examples you only need one configuration file on your local machine. Even if you’re working with a remote production server, the configuration still lives on your own machine.

Open the terminal, or bash window. Create a directory called .drush in your home directory, if it doesn’t exist already. Add the drush aliases file here.

mkdir ~/.drush
touch ~/.drush/aliases.drushrc.php

(~/.drush/ is one of the places where Drush will look for configuration files. There are other configuration files that can live here.)

Start with a very simple example using the dev site only. Note, a syntax error in this file will kill drush with the error “Drush command could not be completed.”.

$aliases['dev'] = array(
'uri' => 'dev.local',
'root' => '/Users/sime/Sites/dev.local', // This doesn't work with ~/Sites/dev.local
'path-aliases' => array(
'%files' => 'sites/emspace.com.au/files',
'%dump' => '/Users/sime/tmp/drush/sql-sync-dev-local.sql', // Arbitrary location for temp files

Some alias-enhanced Drush commands

Let’s run a few commands to verify that the aliases are working correctly and to get the hang of things.

See the status of the site. This should print a dozen+ rows of information:

drush @dev status

Print where the files directory is

drush dd @dev:%files

Switch to the files directory (note the backticks to express the output as part of the command):

cd `drush dd @dev:%files`

Dump the database, and then load the same database. Keep these handy especially when you’re experimenting.

drush @dev sql-dump > `drush dd @dev:%dump`
`drush @dev sql-connect` < `drush dd @dev:%dump`

Final aliases.drushrc.php


$aliases[‘dev’] = array(
‘uri’ => ‘dev.local’,
‘root’ => ‘/Users/sime/Sites/dev.local’,
‘path-aliases’ => array(
‘%files’ => ‘sites/emspace.com.au/files’,
‘%dump’ => ‘/Users/sime/tmp/drush/sql-sync-dev-local.sql’,
‘command-specific’ => array (
‘sql-sync’ => array (
‘simulate’ => ‘0’,
‘structure-tables’ => array(
‘custom’ => array(‘cache’, ‘cache_filter’, ‘cache_menu’, ‘cache_page’, ‘history’, ‘sessions’, ‘watchdog’),
‘rsync’ => array (
‘simulate’ => ‘0’,
‘mode’ => ‘rlptDz’,

$aliases[‘prod’] = array(
‘uri’ => ‘prod.local’,
‘root’ => ‘/Users/sime/Sites/prod.local’,
‘path-aliases’ => array(
‘%files’ => ‘sites/emspace.com.au/files’,
‘%dump’ => ‘/Users/sime/tmp/drush/sql-sync-prod-local.sql’,
‘command-specific’ => array (
‘sql-sync’ => array (
‘simulate’ => ‘1’,
‘rsync’ => array (
‘simulate’ => ‘1’,
‘ssh-options’ => ‘-p9999’,

The command options

Apart from adding the Production alias, the full configuration adds additional keys.command-specific

This defines a list of Drush commands for which we want to define options. Both “prod” and “dev” site aliases define options for “sql-sync” and “rsync” which are the two Drush commands we will need.


This allows us to set the Drush option “simulate”, which will dry-run the command. It’s the equivalent of:

drush --simulate=1 command

Simulation isn’t just a party trick here. Setting simulation for the Production site means that we cannot accidentally overwrite the Production data or files.


Allows us to define a set of tables for which we never want to pull down the data. It can significantly improve download speeds to avoid the data overhead of the cache/search/session/watchdog tables.

Each set of tables has a key, in this example the key is “custom”. This can be specified in the drush command like this:

drush sql-sync --structure-tables-key=custom @site1 @site2

mode and ssh-options

These two options are relevant to the drush rsync command. Mode is for setting unary options: a mode of “avz” will result in “rsync -avz”.

SSH Options allows additional options to the ssh component of the command. In my case I have a few servers with ssh on a non-standard port – not common, but is a good example. “rlptDz” is my preferred – it is the same as Drush’s default (“az”) except it doesn’t try to sync Groups and Users.

The commands

With the aliases.drushrc.php in place, the commands we need are as follows.

# Syncronize sites/emspace.com.au/files from production to dev.
drush rsync @prod:%files @dev:%files

# Syncronize database (minus ‘custom’ tables) from production to dev
drush sql-sync –structure-tables-key=custom –no-cache @prod @dev

Final notes

Soon you’ll want “Production” to point to a real live website. The remote server will need to have Drush available, but it doesn’t necessarily need any more than this. You simply need to add some extra options in your aliases.drushrc.php.

There is another strategy for protecting the live site. Read the example policy.drush.inc for more. My understanding is that this will allow us to set a universal policy for different sites in the deployment chain. In practice sometimes I want to push data to the live site, so my preference was to go with aliases which can be overridden in the drush command.

Run SQL with Drush on all @sites

Run SQL with Drush on all @sites

This post demonstrates some Drush @sites usage, but perhaps better shows where the Drush @sites feature is at.

Tonight on a multisite installation, I wanted to run a query against every database. I had a play with Drush 3 HEAD, and found that I could get what I needed quite easily, and in a way that I will probably re-use.

Quick @sites example with variable-get

Say that you want to know the value of a particular variable on all of your sites. The first stop is to try the “variable-get” command.

# Navigate to the multisite’s root (or use the -r option)
drush @sites variable-get preprocess_css

The output is pretty clear, except you can’t identify the site that each variable is associated with.

preprocess_css: “1”

preprocess_css: “0”

preprocess_css: “1”

preprocess_css: “1”

I expect the smart guys working on Drush will fine-tune this over time because clean output will be required for other scripting goodness. But in my case this is not a problem and is easily worked around.

Execute a query

My solution was to construct a query that shows me the value of preprocess_css plus the site name. This is done by joining the variable table on itself with no ON clause. Then the WHERE clause removes rows we don’t want.

This looks a bit tricksy, but remember it’s just drush @sites sqlq "MY QUERY". The back slashes wrap the command over multiple lines so you could paste this into your bash prompt as is.

#The command is long, use a backslash to separate the command over a few lines.
drush @sites sqlq "SELECT v1.value AS site, v2.value AS val \
FROM {variable} v1, {variable} v2 \
WHERE v1.name = 'site_name' AND v2.name = 'preprocess_css'"

This does the job. I can now see which sites have CSS preprocessing turned off.

site val
s:11:”Hobbs.id.au”; s:1:”1″;

site val
s:9:”Eu no Rio”; s:1:”0″;

site val
s:28:”Patterson Lakes Netball Club”; s:1:”1″;

Another query example

Just another example of that query. In this example let’s find all the user/1 email addresses. I’ve done it here in raw SQL with explicit syntax.

SELECT v.value AS site, u.mail AS admin_mail
FROM users AS u
JOIN variable AS v
WHERE u.uid = 1
AND v.name = ‘site_name’

Putting that onto a drush command (remember to add {} around your table names if applicable!) you get something like:

site admin_mail
s:18:”Example Site”; [email protected]

site admin_mail
s:21:”Foo Site”; [email protected]

site admin_mail
s:15:”Bar Site”; [email protected]

Wrapping up

None of this I would consider best practice, but hopefully gives you an insight into how amazing and stable these tools are becoming! Good luck drushing.

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